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​   Why does our sign say, "The Bancroft Church of Christ Meets Here"?  Isn't the building or meeting place the church?  Most people might think that, but if you check the greek word that the english derivative (church) comes from, one can see it means "a called out people".  We have all been "called" by the gospel, 2 Thess 2:14, and those who obey are "added" to the "church", Acts 2:47.  Therefore "The local Church" that meets at Bancroft are actually the people.


  We are simply Christians only, of one mind, holding to one faith (Eph 4:5), un-denominational in concept, desiring only to have New Testament authority in our lives and in our worship. Jesus prayed "we would all be one" John 17:21, and the apostle Paul said there was to be no division among us, 1 Cor 1:10.


Our current preacher or evangelist:

   Larry W. Fuller has preached ranging from part-time for over thirty years and full-time for two, with the Whitney, Valley East & Bancroft Churches of Christ.  He currently semi-retired but still works about 24 hours a week secularly at home to economically support himself.


   You will notice that he was not introduced as wearing any "capitalized" titles.  It was not an oversight, because Jesus himself forbade the use of such in Mtt 23:9.  In fact there is only one intercessor between us & God, and that is Jesus, 1 Tim 2:5.  We are all one, regardless of nationality, skin colour, race, sex, etc Gal 3:28



Larry & Wife, Kelly

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