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     Our period of worship is on every Sunday morning at 11:00 am to 12:00pm, and we strive to "worship in spirit and truth"' Jo 4:24.


     There are only five acts of worship authorized in the new testament on the Lord's Day (Sunday), the first day of the week:

  1. Praying

  2. Singing

  3. Lord's Supper or Communion

  4. Giving

  5. Sermon Preaching


     People who teach religiously, are to "teach as of the oracles of God", 1 Pet 4:11.  As a result, within the sermon will be given book, chapter and verse when a point is given.


     Paul found the Bereans more "fairminded" than those at Thessolonica, primarily because "they searched the scriptures daily" to find out if what Paul was teaching was indeed scriptural.  All is led in a calm fashion by faithful men, as per scripture.

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